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We are a team of IT wizards who can pretty much handle anything you can throw at us. Go ahead, we dare you to try us!

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"Our combined experience span 80 years of solving IT problems! Our skills include all of the following. Please select a category for more detail."

General Assistance with your PC

Is your computer acting like a rebellious teenager, throwing digital tantrums? Fear not, for our techs provide the ultimate therapy session for your electronics.

MS Office Help

Do you ever feel like your relationship with Microsoft Office is more of a tragedy than a collaboration? Welcome to the club! Stress not, we are here to help. We know a thing, or two, or three about Microsoft products!

Data Manipulation and re-working

Is your data behaving like a mischievous prankster, pulling digital acrobatics when you least expect it? Worry not, we posess the skills to tame this beast.

Help with Software Suites

Navigating through software packages and suites feeling like a complex maze complete with digital dead ends and confusion corners? Worry not, for our tech navigators are ready to guide you through this technological wilderness.

Printer Troubles

Is your printer acting like a stubborn artist, creating abstract masterpieces instead of printing what you need? Our experts are the ultimate troubleshooters for your printing predicaments.

Help with using a specific Website

Navigating the vast world of the internet making you feel like an explorer without a map? Stress not, for our tech-wranglers are here to turn your online escapades into a guided tour.

New Equipment Sales

You need a new laptop, pc, printer or tech "thing-a-ma-jig". We'll sort you out!

PC Hardware help, assessments and sales

Worried about your PC's performance? Our consultation will leave no gigabyte unturned. From RAM to hard drive health, we'll make sure your computer is in the best shape of its digital life.

Computer Upgrades

Not sure where to start? Our team will chat with you about your computing needs. Whether you're yearning for lightning-fast load times or the ability to multitask like a tech-savvy octopus, we've got the upgrade solutions tailor-made for you.

Email Problems and Diagnoses

Ever feel like your emails are plotting against you, staging a rebellion in your inbox? Behold! Our techs are here to restore order in the realm of your digital communication!

Consultation on Websites and Website/email Domains

Are websites and domains leaving you feeling like you're in a tangled web of confusion? Fear not, for our Digital Navigators are here to unravel the intricacies of the online underworld.

Help with your Computer Network

Is your computer network feeling more tangled than a plate of spaghetti at an Italian restaurant? We are here to untangle that chaos and transform your digital dilemma into a symphony of seamless connectivity.

Internet Connections

Imagine a world where buffering is a foreign concept, and your internet connection is as stable as a cat balancing on a windowsill. Our team is on a mission to banish lag, conquer latency, and ensure your online experience is smoother than a well-blended smoothie.

Internet Router Setup

Welcome to the digital frontier, where routers become the unsung heroes of your internet saga. With our "Router Resplendence Setup," we transform the black-arts task of router configuration into a majestic symphony of seamless connectivity.

Wi-fi problems

Imagine a team of Wi-Fi wizards armed with magical antennas and connection charms, working tirelessly to conjure up a network so reliable, it'll make your devices do the happy dance. From dead zones to signal hiccups, no Wi-Fi woe is too big for our enchanting heros.

VoIP Telephone Systems

Is your VoIP system giving you more static than a bad radio signal? Fret not, for our team is here to turn your communication hiccups into a orgestra of crystal-clear conversations and seamless connectivity.

Help with Gmail and other Google products

Is navigating the Google galaxy feeling more like an interstellar odyssey than a smooth journey through the digital cosmos? You're in luck, for our team is here to be your celestial compass through the vast universe of Google.

Troubleshooting Software Development Issues

Navigating the complex terrain of software development and the mystical art of managing progress and bugs along the way? Fear not! We have some secret "programmer" contacts that can lend an ear or lead your development projects with precision. They transform coding conundrums into elegant solutions.

Gaming installations and troubleshooting

We're here to elevate your gaming experience to pixel perfection. We can provide tips on maximizing frame rates, exploding graphical enhancements, and turning your gaming space into a visual haven where every frame tells the story.

Software Development / Software Audits

Our "programmer contacts" aren't just focussed on solving immediate issues – it's about crafting a software symphony. Their consultation includes discussions on best practices, development strategies, and innovative approaches to make your project a star attraction in the digital realm.

CCTV Systems

Are your CCTV cameras behaving more like sleepy guard dogs than vigilant sentinels? Worry not, for we are here to turn your surveillance system into a all-seeing superhero, ready to guard with unwavering focus.

Google business listings

Is your business ready to take center stage in the Google spotlight? Our experts are ready to help you orchestrate a captivating online presence that resonates with potential customers and leaves a lasting digital impression.

Social Media Marketing

Is your business feeling like a wallflower in the bustling dance of social media? Let's choreograph your brand's journey to the center stage of the digital ballroom where likes, shares, and engagements twirl together in harmony.

Help with Virtual reality headsets

Feeling lost in the virtual wilderness with your VR headset? Stress not! We are here to guide you through the immersive realms of virtual reality, ensuring that your headset becomes a portal to extraordinary digital experiences.

Help with your Smartphone

Is your smartphone acting more like a drama queen than the trusty sidekick it's supposed to be? Fear not, for our team is here to rescue you from the clutches of tech troubles and transform your smartphone experience into a digital delight.

Windows Upgrades

We're here to make your Windows experience a wonderland of productivity. Our service includes tips on optimizing your settings, exploring new features, and ensuring your PC becomes a digital sanctuary of efficiency.

Search Engine Optimisation

Turn your business online presence into a harmonious melody that resonates across the vast landscape of search engine results.


How It Works?

First, you need to have a problem. Oh no... But don't fear! Pick up the phone and give us a call, or use the form below to get in touch! Once we understand the crux of your computing conundrum, we can tell you how and when we can assist you!

We offer remote-support and physical call-out options, depending on your unique situation.

Give us a call on 044 004 0186 or use the form below to request a free quotation to solve your problem.

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What our clients say about us

Who we are

Our Team

Based in George since 2010, we are real people, with real-world and proven skills. Each team member adds value towards our unique abilities, techniques and results. We invite you to have access to our combined and relevant IT-industry experience of 80 years!

André Snyman
André Snyman

IT Support Technician
Mr. Fix It, always in the mix with a toolbox full of tricks!

compTIA Certified: A+
compTIA Certified: Network+
compTIA Certified: Server+
compTIA Certified: Security+
Cisco Certified Network Associate: CCNA

Industry Experience: 2 years

Adelia van Tonder

Client Liaison
With a knack for relationships and a solid tech background, I translate "IT" to normal people.

Microsoft Certified: Professional
Microsoft Certified: Systems Engineer
compTIA Certified: A+
compTIA Certified: N+
Company Owner

Industry Experience: 22 years

Louis van Tonder

Technical Lead
My main role is being a Technical Lead supporting our teams offering premium products and support.

Microsoft Certified: Professional
Microsoft Certified: Solutions Developer
compTIA Certified: A+
compTIA Certified: N+
Company Owner

Industry Experience: 23 years

Alex Doe

Tech Aficionado
A seasoned software developer, I excel in creating intuitive and dynamic web solutions.

Microsoft Certified: Specialist
Microsoft Certified: Solutions Developer
NQF 5: Systems Development
NQF 6: Database Development

Industry Experience: 9 years

Nuruldeen Ahad
Nuruldeen Ahad

Junior Software Developer
A junior developer crafting tomorrow's tech, one line at a time.

NQF 5: Systems Development

Industry Experience: 2 years

Heine Viljoen
Heine Viljoen

Remote Technician: IT Support
I'm your go-to guy for all things tech-related.

Industry Experience: 19 years